My Musical Family Was a Gift

I grew up swimming¬†in a sea of music. Music has deeply formed my character and continues to engage me in my late 70s. My mother often told the story of how she was in the kitchen and heard the tune “Three Little Kittens” floating tentatively out of the front room in her small “railroad train” double-house apartment. At first she thought it might be the radio, but no, she checked, and there I was, age 3, somehow picking out the tune on her piano. I have both figuratively and literally been playing the piano for as long as I can remember.

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A Blog for You

To the tune of Leon Russell’s “A Song for You”

I’ve wrote so many entries in my life and times.
I’ve ranted quite a lot about the world’s crimes.
I’ve posted lots of stuff on facebook
Where friends I’ve never met are watching,
But we’re alone now and I’m writing this blog to you.

I know your image of me is my avatar.
I know he’s not your type, but say, we can go far.
Your comments are important to me,
Surfer, give attention due me.
‘Cause we’re alone here, and I’m writing this blog for you.

You taught me precious secrets of the truth withholding nothing.
Your webcam was on, and you weren’t hiding.
But this is so much better,
And if I miss a word or letter,
Scan another paragraph;
My meaning’s in there, hiding.

My love’s in cyberspace where there’s no place and time.
Although you only are a myspace friend of mine.
And when our Yahoo chat is over,
And Twitter’s not enough together,¬†
Just read this blog where I am singing my song for you.
I am alone and I am writing this blog for you.

For Lack of a Better Wor(l)d

Dreaming My Future

I had a significant dream last night. I woke up from it at 4:30 am and said out loud, “Now what does that mean?” In this dream I was on a rural road in a car just outside a small town somewhere in the midwest. My passenger was Rich Egan. As we were driving through the small town, which bordered on a good-sized river, which we could see, I felt that we were blocked from our destination (not clear in the dream) by the river. I stopped at a construction site (two men were working at rebuilding a new bridge) and asked one of the guys if they knew how to get beyond the river. He indicated with his hand a road, and sure enough, once we were on it, we were headed again to our destination. Then I woke up.

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