About Jym Andris

Retired gay/nonbinary married early adopter. Making a home with my disabled husband and all that that entails. Lifelong pianist, writer and songwriter from my teens. Active at Trinity Episcopal Church. I like to think about things: political, philosophical/ scientific, and just the day to day issues of living a good life. Sometimes, I think too much. Former professor of education.

My current issues are meeting the challenge of climate change, understanding and joining the emerging trans community, racial and social justice, and cosmology/brain science.

2 thoughts on “About Jym Andris”

  1. Hi Jim;

    I am a Foods and Nutrition teacher in Winnipeg, Canada. I did a search for gluten free apple crisp since I have a student who is on a gluten free diet. I loved your page and the 5 star rating system you have given the recipe for readers to rate.

    I just recently started developing a blog (last week) using word press and was wondering how easy or difficult it is to put up the star rating system or something similar. At this time I am very new to blogging and am learning something everyday. I know how to upload pages and posts, insert text from word and static images. If you have a few minutes I would love to hear your comments.

    My blog is not yet up and running but I plan on posting all my recipes used in my classes plus other foods and nutrition related information


    1. Hi, Marilyn. I wish I could tell you why I have this 5 star rating system, but I don’t know why it is there. I thought maybe it was the theme I was using (Kubrick) but I don’t see that or any settings. If I find a switch, I will let you know.

      I had a blog system for years and just transferred over to WordPress a year ago, so there is a LOT I don’t know about it. Still, it seem to work better than the old system, and at least I get the feeling that my blog is occasionally getting read. Like you, I am learning one thing at a time.

      Please let me know the URL when you have your new blog up.

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