Thought for Food: Introduction

Me, Lorene, and Fernand

One of the things I am is a good cook. I have written at length about this in other places. Here I will just explain that from time to time, the thing that I will be most anxious to describe in this blog is some feat of cooking that I have just accomplished. I came from a family of cooks. Mom did the day-to-day drudge work of feeding us, dad loved to make sandwiches, big breakfasts, and steak and french fry dinners, and grandmother made fabulous pies and other desserts. Mom was the last of these to leave the planet, just this January, but I often would find when I called her in her later years that we had cooked up a batch of the same thing.

So here we go on a number of topics. I am economical, but saving money is not my top priority. I like to eat healthy, but I do not particularly avoid fat, carbohydrates or meat as if they were poison. I supplement my diet with nutraceuticals. That having been said, this much I know to be true. If you eat mostly in instead of out, and you also think ahead and reasonably about food, you will save about 75% of your food money as compared to eating mostly out instead of in. AND you WILL KNOW that what you are eating is healthy for you.

My partner, Stephen and I spend about one to two hours a day in food preparation and cleanup. We try not to have more than one major food preparation session a day, and sometimes less. Usually that is either a brunchy type mid-morning or a dinner meal. Many times I make enough to refrigerate or freeze for another day, which reduces food preparation time. So I hope you come on some of this writing journey with me. I will try to explain and defend at least one item of controversial food each time I use it, and I hope for comments from you on my opinions.

Of course, I am retired now, but even when I was working I kept up a slightly less active schedule of food preparation. One of my favorite old movie memories is from the film Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. (Guess which one I identify with.) There is one scene in that film toward the end where they find themselves in a New York City high-rise apartment late at night and hungry. Sabrina has been to a French cooking school. She finds one can of tomato soup in an otherwise empty pantry and proceeds (apron-clad and spatula-wielding) to whip up a fabulous soufflé for the two of them.

I could do that.


Author: Jym Andris

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