A Side Trip to 1931

Earlier in my visit to take care of mom in Marietta, Ohio, I wrote of her memory of dad’s ball playing back when she was 18 and he was 21, and also of what my brother remembers of her tales of this era. But as so often has happened with my mother’s stories of the past, the image of my fast pitch softball-playing dad hung in my mind like a virtual reality simulation. And THAT led me, the other day, to stop in to the local genealogy library in search of corroboration.

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Spring Is Here, Mother, Dear

I’m here in Marietta, Ohio, with Stephen caring for my 94 year old mother for a week while my sister and her husband go on a well-deserved vacation. Mom now needs more or less constant supervision, and it is particularly hard for her, because she has been so active and independent all her life. Still, it’s amazing to see this very intelligent person operate in this new environment. She can’t see much any more, but we can work a crossword puzzle together, and she gets more of the words than I do.

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